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Friday, April 3, 2015

Arlington National Cemetery Metro Elevators

Date of Visit: April 2, 2015

It's convenient when you only have to take one elevator to get from the train platform and street level, which is the case for both sides of the platform at Arlington National Cemetery. But since it isn't a center platform station, there are two different elevators. They are actually some of the easiest ones to find for an underground station. It isn't really that difficult to figure it out (there's a sign above call buttons) and they are very close to each other, but it would be even better if the top signs clearly labeled which platform they go to.

Destination Info:
Arlington Cemetery Metro Station
1000 North Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA 22211

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Holidays at Union Station: Norwegian Christmas Tree & Train Display

Date of Visit: November 28, 2014

As Mik's first holiday season living in the D.C. area, I told him we have to check out several things. The train display at Union Station is the one we decided to do first; because I the Botanic Gardens has more to see and seeing this one after would be kind of anticlimactic.

Unfortunately, despite the website saying the train display starts today it was not running, yet. You could look at the display; but still disappointing to not have the train to watch.

We did at least stop and see the Norwegian Christmas tree right outside the entrance and Mik was even a good sport about posing in front  of it for a holiday photo of him.

Overall slightly disappointing; but still a good outing; because Mik enjoyed a sweet cheese danish from Au Bon Pain.

Also, we discovered that Union Station is definitely a Metro stop to avoid when using the power chair, which thankfully was not the chair he decided to use today. Not that he hasn't run over my feet navigating the Metro before; but the awkward elevator from the Metro entrance into Union Station would guarantee my feet getting run over and/or him being totally unable to navigate out of the elevator. Basically it's one of the smallest Metro station elevators we have been in and on top of that you enter on one side and the exit door is on the adjacent wall. Thus, there is little room for turning and you cannot just do a back in or back out maneuver that you can do in small elevators with just one door.

Destination Info:

The Holidays at Union Station
50 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002