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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Titanic Memorial

Date of Visit: July 18, 2016

I had been meaning to walk over to the Titanic Memorial for months since we are often walking past the sign pointing to it. When I told Mik, the Titanic Memorial was a Pokemon Go gym he was like we must go see it. It wasn't about wanting to play Pokemon Go, although that is something we have been enjoying as something we can get out and do together since we tend to avoid the museums during the summer due to tourist crowds. He actually more wanted to go the memorial because he never even knew there was one and he enjoys checking out all the different memorials.

Getting to the memorial isn't exactly accessible for us, but that's because we tend to come from along the waterfront and that area is currently under construction. The problem is that while they have sidewalks open for pedestrian access through the construction area they have blocked most of the corners and not added any ramps. Going down the curb isn't a big deal and normally going up also isn't, but I'm just getting back my range of motion and strength from breaking my pinky back in April and maneuvering him over bumps is one of the main things I still struggle with. If we go the long way around from 4th & P Streets, accessibility isn't an issue (and more Pokestops).

Destination Info:
Titanic Memorial
Southwest Waterfront near 4th & P Streets SW
Washington, DC

Friday, April 3, 2015

National Mall and Memorial Parks: Lincoln Memorial

Date of Visit: April 2, 2015

It's been about four years since we've posted a review of the Lincoln Memorial, although we have been here at least one other time since then. For the most part our comments are the same, but since there are a few things we noticed and did differently we decided to do a whole new one instead of just a brief update and just referring to the other review here.

To start off, we discovered that walking over the Memorial Bridge from Arlington National Cemetery is a very convenient way to get to the Lincoln Memorial when using Metro. It's still not all that close (~1 mile), but it seems smoother/simpler and also more scenic, although it can also be windier, which was not so nice on the way back when we were going into it. Note that the elevator you take back down the platform depends on which direction you need to go and the sign that says which side it is for is above call button (we think it should say right up top!).

To get up to the memorial there are ramps up on the right and left sides of the stairs. There are a couple points where you can access the landings of the steps, so you can enjoy the view like if you take the steps up. This also allows you to cross over from the right side to the left when you get to the top of the ramp because that's the side with the entrance to the area with the elevator. In rereading our old review, I was reminded that we were annoyed by them have a wheelchair symbol and no button that time. I can't remember if they have any buttons now, but this time both doors were propped open, so getting in wasn't an issue even though we were like the only ones there at the time. I actually was a little concerned we would have to wait for it to be 9am because the exhibit area technically doesn't open until then, but it was around 8:45am and it was open.

After experiencing the Union Station metro elevator, Mik has a greater appreciation for the one at the Lincoln Memorial. Yes, it still seems odd to have the doors on adjacent walls, but it is plenty big enough to maneuver in at least.

We didn't spend much time inside the Lincoln Memorial. Just enough to get the typical picture of Mik doing the A and L in sign language.

We did, however, spend at least 15 minutes on the backside of the memorial. How we have never done that before I don't know, but we decided to walk around the whole outside of the memorial up top (partly to waste time before bookstore opened to quickly get a stamp for our National Park passports). Mik really enjoyed playing around with the modes and taking pictures of the Potomac from there including the below watercolor mode one.

Destination Info:
Lincoln Memorial National Memorial
Lincoln Memorial Circle
Washington, DC 20037

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Washington Monument

Date of Visit: November 4, 2014

For years we have been wanting to go up the Washington Monument again. First it was under renovation and then it had to be repaired after the 2011 earthquake. Now for months it has been reopened and we finally got settled in enough to make plans to go see it, which seems to require about a week to ten days in advance when you look at next available when reserving tickets online rather than getting them day of and risk having to wait a long for your tour time.

Our tour time was 11:30. They have benches and signs pointing which one to sit on as a line for your tour time. They only let people go in as people come out; so the tour time doesn't really mean when you will get in. For example, they didn't even start with the 11:30 ticket holders until 11:45. It isn't bad and they have a good system with the benches compared; but Mik wished he had worn warmer clothes, especially shoes, since it was windy and colder than he expected sitting up by the Monument.

To go in with a wheelchair one of the rangers has to unlock a gate so you go in the exit. The entrance looks accessible; but it is a security checkpoint, so they have you go in the exit to be screened by the end of the security.

Once done with security you get in line to go up the elevator. This is one of the coolest parts of the monument in our opinion, as the floor has interesting mosaics.

At the top there are windows looking out from the North, East, South, and West. However, they were too high for Mik to see from his wheelchair. We actually knew this was an issue as we did the tour back in 2006. However, that time they had this periscope thing and Mik was able to see some stuff. It wasn't perfect as the lens were somewhat scratched up; but it was more fun than just seeing the photos above the windows that show the view.

After you are done at the observation level those that can't do stairs wait for the elevator to return with a new group and then ride down to the museum level. This level has a few interesting displays mostly about the building and repair work of the monument. This level is where you get in line to ride the elevator back down.

The ride down is interesting if you can get close enough to the doors, as at two points the lights in the elevator darken and the lights in the shaft allow you to see some of the stones donated by various states and groups. Unfortunately, we got stuck dead in the middle of the elevator and couldn't really see them.

At the end we exited the same place we came in with the wheelchair. For most people, you then exit through a turnstile; but we had to get back through the locked gate. The park ranger wasn't paying attention and I was about to go out the turnstile to ask him to open the gate when a security guard brought it to his attention that we were waiting to get out. I get the security aspect of locking it and it was a minor inconvenience; but it is also the only fire exit and seems like that gate shouldn't have a lock during operating hours.

And, of course, we also stopped at the Washington Monument Bookstore for a National Park stamp. We just got the monument one, since we have the rest and didn't go to any other memorials/monuments today. Since Mik remembers hating the close quarters inside, he stayed outside; but actually there was only one other person in there and he could've gone through it easily if he had wanted to.

Overall not a bad outing; but Mik was rather disappointed. He doesn't really remember the other time we took him to the top of the monument; but I have been telling him about the periscope and he has been looking forward to doing it again for years. Not being able to enjoy the view even through a crappy periscope was a major disappointment for him.

Destination Info:
Washington Monument
2 15th St. NW
Washington, DC