Sunday, March 13, 2011

D23 2nd Anniversary Mixer and Meeting Bob Gurr

On March 10, 2011, I took Mik as my guest to the 2nd Anniversary D23 Mixer at Disneyland.  Last year I took Dad, as it was only a special after hours Fantasyland experience and I could only have one guest.  This year I could still only have one guest, but the only in park experience was World of Color in California Adventure, which is a show, so totally accessible unlike Fantasyland mostly not wheelchair accessible rides.

The mixer was at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.  I did not expect to like this part of the event, but other than the crappy service from the ESPN staff it was pretty good.  Each of us got $10 game cards for free.  Mik was playing an 1990s baseball video game machine he could actually roll up to and reach the controls when a guy came up to him and asked if he wanted his coupon for the game card.  Of course, Mik said yes and he actually gave us 2 vouchers.  The really cool part though was this just was not a totally random guy, but a Disney Legend Bob Gurr.

I knew Bob Gurr was there, but did not expect to actually meet him.  So it was really cool that he came up to us.  That is not the coolest part, though.  The coolest part was as we were leaving to go to California Adventure for the World of Color show, Bob Gurr stopped us and asked us if we had gotten to use the cards.  Totally a cool experience from the mixer considering we really only did the event for the World of Color part and because I went to the 1st anniversary party it seemed fitting to try to keep going every year that I can and they do something.  Without the meeting Bob Gurr experience the whole mixer part would have been worse than expected due to the poor service.

The Color of Wonder was totally awesome and glad to finally see it.  Giving it its own post when I get around to doing the posts about each attraction we visited on this Disneyland trip, as we spent the day in the parks before the mixer.

Text by Kjersti

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