Friday, May 27, 2011

Excited About New Disneyland Rides and Little Mermaid Accessibility

One week until we are in Disneyland for the official opening day of two new rides (Star Tours and Little Mermaid).  The rides open on Friday, June 3, 2011 and that will be our first full day at the park next weekend, but we plan to get to Anaheim early afternoon to get our Premier Passes and Mik and I will probably go in the parks for a wheelchair accessible ride or two.  Dad will use his 3 day Park Hopper with us Friday through Sunday, so we can enjoy more of the parks with him transferring Mik.

I am most excited about riding the new Little Mermaid ride in Disney's California Adventure.  Just as I suspected from the concept map in Blue Sky Cellar, there is a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Not as big a deal this trip with Dad along, but good to have another ride we can do on trips without Dad, such as our upcoming August one for the D23 Expo.  It uses the same ride clamshell style ride system as Haunted Mansion just with a slightly different look and bright colors, so I still am hoping that one day they will redo Haunted Mansion to let the wheelchair go on it.

Mik is looking forward to the new Star Tours ride, although he is unsure about if it will be awesome or just as good with new experience.  Of course, this is not a wheelchair accessible ride, but that makes total sense.  I have heard some about an armrest on end moving out of way to allow for an easier seat to seat transfer.  Even without that it has always been the one ride I could actually transfer Mik to.

What Mik is really most excited about, though, is riding more rides since Dad will be along to transfer him.  I am sure we will do Indiana Jones quite a few times.  Also, he loves doing the Matterhorn after dark.  We are also excited about taking Dad to see World of Color.

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