Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walt Disney World: Epcot - Soarin'

Date of Visit: January 10, 2014

Previously we have always avoided going on Soarin' at Epcot because it just seems wrong that it is flying over Calofornia and your not at Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure.  Since we didn't really have any rides we wanted to use our Fastpass+ selections on, we decided to finally give it a try while also trying out the Fastpass+ with our Magic Bands for the first time.

Overall it was not bad.  It is pretty much the same, but the queue is super boring. I don't know if the regular queue has anything interesting, but the Fastpass one certainly doesn't.  Fastpass is the only way we do it at California and at least there you still walk through the California Aviation Hall of Fame. Of course, we would have thought that odd to have hear, but really thought there would still be something.

While Soarin' remains one of the easiest transfer rides to do with Mik and now that he is big transferring to rides is something we don't do much except these easy ones. However, it just is not the same as doing it in California and we probably won't do it in Florida again unless they ever change the movie to be Soarin over Florida.

Destination Info:
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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