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Hampton Inn Tucson Airport

Date of Visit: June 20-24, 2024

While for longer stays, we prefer to have a roll in shower, when booking in February I could not find anything to book that was central or at least near something we planned to do. We ended up booking a King Accessible w/ Tub at the Hampton Inn Tucson Airport to at least have toilet grab bars in a location that works good for the various things we like to do when visiting Tucson.

Access aisle with no ramp

The parking in front was initially rather disappointing. The space for unloading is great in that it basically a whole parking spot turned into access aisle between the 2nd and 3rd accessible spots, but the sidewalk there is not ramped. At first I thought you had to go around to the front entrance, but there is a ramped sidewalk on the side of the first accessible spot, which was not a van accessible spot. Later when we came back and all the spots were full, we discovered there were more accessible spots around back and those were better in that the ramped sidewalk was between the two spots, although the ramped sidewalk did cause there to be a slight trip hazard where the front passenger gets out.

Barn Door to bathroom

Mostly we really like that more places have gone with a barn door for the bathrooms. This barn door was messed up, though, and the first time I used the bathroom I got trapped. Luckily, I was not alone and Dad figured out that the bottom track holder was loose so that it turned when you closed the door all the way and then blocked the door from reopening. We did not feel like dealing with maintenance during our stay, but we reported it as we were checking out and they were right on sending someone up to look at it, so pretty sure they would have at least attempted to promptly fix if we had reported it when we first noticed.

Toilet and grab bars

For once, the grab bars were in a way that Mik could get on toilet himself. Surprisingly, he did not knock the toilet paper off like usually happens with the single side holders.

Tub with bench and grab bars

The tub had a fold down seat on the back wall. It also had pump bottle toiletries. I was somewhat disappointed the water never really got hot even when turned as far as it goes, but at least it did get reasonably warm which our next hotel did not even do.

Roll under sink

The roll under sink was a little awkward with the faucet on the side. It was a problem and maybe that makes it easier for some to use.

microwave, fridge, and shelves

Under the TV, there was a microwave (low like Mik likes). To the left was a fridge behind the door. To the right was a cupboard with pull out drawers.

Desk and sofabed

By the TV was a desk area on each side. Only one side had a chair, though. By the desk was the sofa bed, which I ended up sleeping on without pulling out as a bed because Mik did not feel there was enough floor space for him if we pulled it out due to the somewhat awkward layout of it being between the bed and the TV. The rolling ottomans and the side table were handy, although it caused extra clutter that contributed to Mik feeling there was not room to have the sofa bed open.

King size bed

Next to the bed was the closet area. At first I thought it was rather lame with it only having a small hanging area in the corner mostly blocked from accessing by the night stand. I then realized the curtain was hiding the rest of the closet area.

Full closet area

Mik's waffles with raspberry syrup and whipped cream

The breakfast was good. There was decent variety of things available and the hot breakfast varied each day (eggs, omelettes, sausage, biscuits). Mik really enjoyed the waffles as they had different sauces, whipped cream, and fruit to put on them.

Mik eating breakfast

Other than our first and last morning, Mik had us bring his breakfast up to the room because the seating options for breakfast are not the best, Most of the seating is at a high top table and small short coffee tables by the couches. There are a some regular tables, but especially the first day it was too crowded to get one.

Overall Hampton Inn Tucson Airport was a decent place to stay, but Mik says he’d probably try somewhere else than stay again. The room layout was too awkward and just did not work out well for all of us. His biggest complaint, though, was the TV as there was no regular Fox channel and the TV signal frequently cut out.

Destination Info:

6971 S. Tucson Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85756

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