Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer 2011: Disney, National Parks, and of course some Baseball!!!

Today after finally officially committing to the D23 Expo in August I am declaring our Summer 2011 travel plans finalized.  It is not quite All the Ballparks 2009, but it shaped up to be a lot of fun stuff and best of all Mik got his wish of being involved, so it is all things we together agreed on doing.

The themes of Summer 2011 travel plans turned out to be mostly Disney and National Parks, but I could not resist throwing in some baseball stuff.  Sadly, yet again the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame could not get worked in.  However, we did at least work in Rickwood Field, which is one of the things we did not work into the baseball road trip.  Of course, best of all is that we are going to a game at Target Field and we will once again be able to say we have seen a game at every current MLB ballpark.

Disney Theme
  • Premier Pass: I have been wanting one of these, but it never made sense until this summer shaped up to be very Disney.  Mik and I are both getting one, so we will have access to all Disney parks in California and Florida for a year after we get it early June 2011.
  • June - Disneyland: The D23 2nd Anniversary in March was supposed to be our Disneyland fix for 2011, but Mik loves Star Tours and we both love Disneyland, so we just could not resist going to Disneyland for the first weekend the new Star Tours ride is going to be open.  Plus, we want to check out the new Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure that also opens that weekend.  To make the trip even sweeter, Dad is coming along, so he can transfer Mik and we can go on more rides.  Thanks to Mom generously not only paying for most of our adventures, she also let us use some of her Hyatt points to stay at a nice hotel.  Plus, with the Premier Pass we get free parking, so no need to stay too near the parks.
  • July - Alaska Disney Cruise:  This is the one part of the summer Mom actually gets to enjoy with us.  Alaska is the only state we have not been to, so it is exciting we will have been to all 50 states after the cruise.  The cooler part, though, is we are going to our 50th state for Mom's 50th birthday, which she will celebrate during the cruise.
  • July - Disney World: The end of July Mik and I are going to spend 4 days (possibly an extra half day as well since we will have Premier passes and might get there early on check in day or leave late on check out day).  Dad is taking us/staying with us, but he is going to Orlando for a Math Teacher's conference, so it will just be Mik and I exploring the parks.  We are not much into Disney World because Disneyland has much of what we like at Disney World, but we do like Epcot and Mik plans to eat his way through the countries.
  • August - D23 Expo: I wanted to do this back in 2009 and could not and Mik has wanted to do this ever since the D23 2nd Anniversary event.  Mik is even going to buy the lower D23 membership at this weekend's D23 Studio Tour event (comes with a few extra pin at event!), so we will both have access to the special D23 only parts of the expo.  Of course, we will also hit Disneyland as part of this trip and get some more use out of our Premier Passes.  We are doing this all on our own.  This will be our first trip all by ourselves.  I have flown with him alone and of course just by myself, but this will be a first entire trip of just the two of us.  Good prep for Summer 2012 and our Disney Cruise from New York to Canada that we currently have booked as just the two of us, although it might include some vacation time with Mom in New York before or after.
National Parks
  • June  - Mesa Verde National Park, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Homestead National Monument, Pipestone National Monument, Effigy Mounds National Monument: These are the things we are going to visit on the way from Tucson to Chicago via Minneapolis at the end of June.  Mostly going to stay at KOAs like we did in 2009, but going to try out the Mesa Verde National Park campground, too.  Originally was only going to be Mesa Verde, but I had to add some extras because the June 29 Twins game only had single tickets left and thus we ended up with two extra days to get to Minneapolis to go to July 1 game instead.
  • July - Klondike Gold Rush National Park, Skagway, Alaska: We visited the Seattle part of this National Park back in 2009, so it will be fun to finally see the other part of the park.
  • July - Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park and Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site: Again, things that I did not originally plan, but we needed to waste some time between Detroit and getting to Disney World and what better way to do it than visit National Parks for free (with Access Pass for some) and fill up our National Parks Passports some more.  Also, doing KOAs this part of the trip, although we have learned from 2009 tent camping in Florida and reserved a Kabin for the one Florida night.
  • July 1 - Target Field: Seeing a game in the new Twins ballpark.  Also, enjoying Mom's Hyatt points and staying on the Regency Club floor (actually cost surprisingly few points).  We get free breakfast, free appetizers in the evening, and best of all we can walk to the ballpark and we do not have to worry about parking at the game.
  • Rickwood Field: This is the oldest ballpark.  Just going to do a quick photo stop like we did at the one where the longest ballgame ever was played.
  • National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame: Not definitely on the plan, but it is in Chicago and we will be in the Chicago area for at least 7 days in July, so probably will do.
  • U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs: We have been to the one in Chula Vista, CA and Mik did not like that, so he was hesitant about me adding this to the itinerary.  However, he liked the idea of probably being able to get a London 2012 Olympic pin and was reassured it would not be total empty and boring because they actually have guided tours.
  • Abilities Expo, Chicago: Mik is really excited about the Abilities Expo and seeing cool adaptive gadgets and the demonstrations.  I also think it will be a fun experience.

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  1. Can't wait for the fun to begin! Another exciting summer with my children. It is great to be their dad.