Friday, August 19, 2011

Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise: Goofy's Galley

Ice Cream from Goofy's Galley
Date of Visit: July 2011

Goofy's Galley was our favorite place to get breakfast on the cruise.  Mik especially liked the little croissants, which had chocolate in them.  They also had yogurt, parfaits, other baked goods, and various fruit.

Chocolate CroissantBreakfast from Goofy's GalleyBreakfast from Goofy's Galley

The best part of Goofy's Galley though is the self serve soft serve ice cream.  Only one machine was working the whole trip, so it was easy for the line to get long, especially in the afternoon.  Also, annoyingly the machines were often closed in the late evening even though the navigator said they were open until 11pm.  There are cones to out the ice cream in right by it, but you can also go get a cup from the soda area to use.  Too bad they don't have root beer, though, as it would be great to make a root beer float.

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