Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walt Disney World: Downtown Disney - AMC Dine-In Theatre

AMC Dine-In TheaterDate of Visit: July 31, 2011

Mik and Dad discovered that the AMC in Downtown Disney had Dine-In theaters and Mik just had to try it out.  There are several spots for wheelchairs in the last row.  However, the way they are set up does not work well if the group is more than one person with the wheelchair.  The seating is mostly in groups of four.  The set up for the wheelchair areas has theaters seats on the side and two wheelchair spots in the middle.  While it is nice it allows for two wheelchairs to sit next to each other, it made for an awkward empty area between us.  It would be better have the two seats in the middle or have portable chairs available for companions like they do at a lot of ballparks.

Overall the Dine In theater was a fun experience, but it has one big problem.  The biggest issue is the theater chairs are far away from the table, so you cannot really easily eat using the table.  Mik actually had a better experience because he could roll up just like a regular table and enjoy eating just fine.

The food is a definite plus and way better than a regular theater snack bar.  Plus, you still can get the regular theater stuff with the bonus of a waiter who can bring it to you during the movie instead of having to go refill the popcorn yourself.  Not necessarily worth the price every movie, but if you are going to do dinner and a movie in Downtown Disney anyways this is a great deal.

Destination Info:
Downtown Disney
1490 East Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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