Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disney Mediterranean Cruise with Greece: Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay

Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay
Date of Visit: June 20, 2013

The Bella Itala was a themed menu that was the same for all restaurants that night.

Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay

Drink – Mik did not initially want the special non-alcoholic drink, but once he saw my Dolce Vita he wanted his own. It is a blend of apple and cranberry juice, agave nectar, chamomile tea, pomegranate puree, and fresh lemon juice.

Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay

Appetizer – Mik choose the beef and pork tortellini. He liked the tortellini, but not so much the mushrooms and the thyme red wine reduction that went with it.

Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay

Soup – Mik tried the Cream of Trevi Celery Soup. It was somewhat of a disappointment because he found no croutons in it like the description suggested it had.

Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay

Entrée – Mik had the Spaghetti con Polpette (i.e. spaghetti and meatballs). He really enjoyed the huge meatballs.

Day 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot CayDay 6 - Bella Itala @ Parrot Cay

Dessert – For dessert Mik tried both the Sicilian Chocolate Indulgence and the Warm Stuffoli. He did not really like the Sicilian Chocolate Indulgence, but it had a pistachio cake and it was kind of surprising he even ordered it. He totally loved the stuffoli, which are mini doughnuts, although he did not particularly like the honey lemon dipping syrup.

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