Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disney Mediterranean Cruise with Greece: Day 3 – Island Dinner @ Parrot Cay

Date of Visit: June 17, 2013

The Island Dinner is the theme for the Parrot Cay restaurant.

Day 3 – Island Dinner @ Parrot Cay

Appetizer – Mik had the Baked Crab Martinique for this appetizer. He liked the crab and the plaintain chip, but not so much the tortilla chips as they seemed like guacamole flavored.

Day 3 – Island Dinner @ Parrot Cay

Entrée – Mik choose the Mixed Grill, although he had extra shrimp and no sausage, since he is not really into sausage. He enjoyed it, although he ended up with more than he could eat, especially since they also gave him extra steak.

Day 3 – Island Dinner @ Parrot Cay

Dessert – Mik had a hard time deciding between the Chocolate S’More Vanilla Cake and the Ice Cream Sundae, but he really enjoyed the Ice Cream Sundae, especially the brownie in it.

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