Friday, February 25, 2011

Legoland California

Handicap ParkingNormally Legoland California is not worth visiting for us, mostly because there are no wheelchair accessible rides, but also since it really is mostly for the younger kids.  However, we still like seeing the Miniland and other stuff made out of LEGOs and Mik loves browsing the shops.  Plus, we got a good deal on tickets from Groupon back in November 2010 and also got a ticket to come back before end of March 2011.

This time we mainly went to use the free ticket before it expired and Mik wanted to finally get the castle he had saved his allowance for.  Mik also wanted to check out the new Ninjago stuff, although of course he could have done that elsewhere, he just likes the Big Shop being all LEGO stuff together.  Sadly, the LEGO Castle was part of the stuff no longer available along with most of the Harry Potter sets.  Worse was that he found the Ninja stuff he had been so excited about coming out this year to be rather boring and mostly not Ninja seeming.
Still had fun checking out other stuff at Legoland and playing with the drawing mode on his new camera.  He also enjoyed playing some of the LEGO video games in the Xbox Family Game Space.  The new Hero Factory was not that interesting, but only because we do not like Bionicle style LEGOs.  It was nice that the LEGO Factory Tour had more of the machines actually working, although not entirely as seems usual.

Photos by Mik and Kjersti
Text by Kjersti

Destination Info:
Legoland California
One Legoland Dr
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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