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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Glo Best Western Savannah-Gateway I-95

Date of Visit: January 6-7, 2023 

Georgia tends to be where we stay on the way down to Florida. We've done it probably half a dozen times and always end up at a different Best Western mostly in the Savannah area. This year we actually were going to stay in Richmond Hill again, but looking same night it did not have enough rooms available for us to book. The Glo Best Western Savannah-Gateway I-95 did and even had an accessible room, which ended up being good, especially when we then ended up with a much worse accessible DVC room when we got to Florida.

We really liked that the room had no carpeting. The space was also good for the wheelchair to maneuver throughout, although the bed was rather high.

There were barn doors for the bathroom with one on each side of the TV and dresser. The microwave was under the TV, although it was kind of odd that then the fridge was over under the desk, but it did make it an easier height if Mik had wanted to use and also left the desk mostly clear for using.

The bathroom was spacious with two sinks (one had towel shelf under, but other was open area under).

The toilet area layout was good and the grab bars worked well for Mik.

The shower was a little awkward with there being a rubber edging. I assume it was to help prevent water from ending up in the bathroom and it would not be hard to roll over, but it actually did not prevent flooding as the shower curtain being curved out seemed to be more of an issue and when I took a shower the bath mat outside of shower ended up soaked.

The chair with a little table was a nice feature. There was even an outlet and USB for power on the side of it.

The bench on the side of the bed near the window was also a great spot for putting luggage out of the way or even for extra seating.

Overall we all enjoyed this Best Western. The breakfast was a little disappointing in that there were no bananas and it was odd that the yogurt came out of a machine, but they did have a waffle maker.

Destination Info:

17005 Abercorn St
Savannah, GA 31419

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Best Western Richmond Hill

Date of Visit: January 8-9, 2020

As we booked the hotel that evening, we weren’t able get an accessible room, but as it was only to sleep before continuing on to Orlando first thing in the morning that didn’t matter to us.

We were actually quite impressed with the room. For one, it had good space to leave the wheelchair out of the way and for Mik to have space to be on the floor as he likes.

The room also had a ton of outlets. Mik especially enjoyed the little corner area near the bathroom. I appreciated there was outlets on the wall between desk and wall as the outlets on the lamp didn’t work with my laptop or iPad bricks.

There were also USB ports between the beds. The lap desk was also a nice in room amenity.

While the bathroom wasn’t accessible, for us the low toilet made it easier to help Mik, although I can see this as something many others disabled or not would dislike. It also was reasonably spacious.

Mik was at first disappointed with breakfast when Dad didn’t come back with a waffle, but he didn’t mind that when he found out they had pancake maker instead.

Destination Info:

4564 US Highway 17
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Monday, July 17, 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

Date of Visit: July 15, 2017

We started our visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic with the movie in the Visitor Center. The theater is set up with areas in the back row as well as in the middle of the front row for wheelchairs. Upfront seemed too close, so we sat in back, although that then kind of seems too far as the size of the screen is somewhat small for the size of the room. It was still a very worthwhile movie to see, though.

After the movie, we headed up to the Birth Home, which was being done as an open house from 10am to 11:45am during our visit. When we got near the house we saw a sign pointing to an accessible entrance by the house next door. It turned out that was the access to the gift shop, which has a ramp up into it on the backside.

From the gift shop, they directed us over to the house from the backyard as that’s where the accessible entrance is to the house. They made it clear it was somewhat difficult that way, so it wasn’t unexpected that we had to go through the grass and there was a step up onto the paver sidewalk into the Birth Home backyard.

Once we were in the backyard, it isn’t clear what to do because the tour starts in front. Thus, we went down the path to the front, which is an easy access path and really the way to access the Birth Home. Once in front, there was a line down the sidewalk waiting for their turns. It was impossible to get to the back of the line and half the line ends up going up steps before you even get to the park rangers. Mom cut through the line to get up to the porch and ask the park rangers what to do. They didn’t exactly seem to have a protocol other than obviously the wheelchair enters through the back. Mom just suggested she’d wait in line and then they could let us in from the back when she got to the front.

Overall this concept worked except the park ranger let us in from the back and we just assumed they were letting us in because Mom was on the next tour. She was supposed to be, but the ranger letting the group in said they only had room for one more person and Mom thought she couldn’t join because she was saving space for us to join. No big deal as she just ended up one tour behind us and it’s not a long tour, but it kind of added to the house tour not really being all that worthwhile.

The Birth Home tour wasn’t bad, but they sure pack you in and it really felt rushed through without much information given. Also, it was only the first floor because the second floor was closed, which to some extent we knew could be the case because the lift to it might be out. However, it was unexpected that the second floor was off limits to all tours due to structural problems and there isn’t a notice about that on the website.

On the way back to the car from the Birth Home, we walked through the King Center outdoor area with the reflecting pool, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s tomb, and an eternal flame. There are stairs to access the area from the street, but there is also a ramp on both ends and one end actually had the stairs closed off and only the ramp access was open.

Destination Info:
450 Auburn Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Embassy Suites Atlanta - Galleria

Date of Visit: July 14-15, 2017

When I booked the Embassy Suites Atlanta - Galleria using Mom’s points, I really thought I had selected a mobility accessible room, but the reservation email didn’t mention it. When checking in we asked if it was an accessible room and it wasn’t, but they checked what they had available. They didn’t have a roll-in shower (of which we learned they only have 1), but had other ones, which was fine with us except when we got up to the room we discovered it just meant it was only with the hearing accessibility features.

While it is slightly inconvenient to not have the larger bathroom, the rest of the suite was plenty spacious that we didn’t bother to try to change it, especially since we were just staying the night. Also, the bathroom was pretty typical hotel size and not small like when you end up at places with the sinks outside the bathroom such as most Best Western and Hyatt Place non-accessible rooms we’ve experienced.

Mik really enjoyed the living room area as even when the sofa bed was out there was still plenty of floor space. Not that he had any need to use it this trip, but he also liked he could reach and use the microwave, which was about the only thing that made it seem like potentially an actual mobility accessible room.

Overall this hotel was a good pick for this trip as it was very convenient to go to the ball game at SunTrust Park. We drove to the ballpark, but they do offer a shuttle as well. I would just be more particular next time about making sure I’m getting a room with accessible bathroom.

Destination Info:
Embassy Suites Atlanta - Galleria
2815 Akers Mill Road SE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30339

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

Date of Visit: November 1, 2016

I was close to having visited 100 National Park units, so I wanted to do it this year while it was the Centennial. I also wanted my 100th to be something cool. Thus, I chose Jimmy Carter National Historic Site because we have the same birthday and he is also Mom's favorite president.

We started our visit at the Plains High School Museum and Visitor Center. There are parking lots in front of and behind the building. We liked that it clearly pointed to the back parking lot for the accessible spots as the ramp entrance to the building is the back entrance. However, we did not like the parking spots because neither one had an access aisle. Since there weren't many other visitors no parked next to us anyways, but we still were blocking the vehicle next to us if they needed the wide access like we do.

The museum has several rooms set up as the school would have been, a movie showing in the auditorium, and a timeline style exhibit on Jimmy Carter. Mik enjoyed the movies about the school that included students talking about their time there.

Our favorite part of the museum was the Resolute desk replica.

After the museum, we walked over to the Plains Depot, which was the 1976 Campaign Headquarters. It was worth walking over there for us as we battled the two Pokemon gyms that were between the museum and the depot. We had Mom drive the truck over rather than walk back to the museum, though because there was a better handicap spot by the depot, though, and we didn't want to have to cross the railroad tracks and the highway again.

The Plains Depot has a good exhibit about its history as the campaign headquarters. The main part of the exhibit is up on the platform level, which has ramp access by the parking lot. The other part is not accessible from inside the building due to steps, but there is a door to it at street level.

Destination Info:
Jimmy Carter NHS
300 North Bond Street
Plains, GA 31780