Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Capitol Christmas Tree 2014

Date of Visit: December 3, 2014

We didn't plan on visiting the Capitol Christmas Tree (i.e. the People's Christmas Tree) this year; but since it was right across the street when we visited the must-see Season's Greetings exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden, we decided why not do another Christmas tree photo to go with the Norwegian one from this past weekend and the National Christmas Tree, which is on our plan for next week.

It certainly is not worth a visit on it's own in our opinion; but it is right there if you're already going to the Botanic Garden. There is a ramp to get up to the grass area where the tree is; but the sidewalk part ends a little bit into the area. I didn't mind pushing Mik closer; but he didn't feel like an off road adventure; so we just did a picture from the where the sidewalk ends (and no I don't think he understands this is a Shel Silverstein reference...apparently Dad only read those to me as a kid).

Destination Info:

Capitol Christmas Tree
East Side of Capitol
Washington, DC

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