Sunday, December 14, 2014

Market House in Fayetteville

Date of Visit: December 11, 2014

The reason we stopped in Fayetteville on our way to Florida was to look for a book for my 1940s collection at City Center Gallery & Books, but we ended up also enjoying walking around a little in downtown Fayetteville reading the history signs.  In particular, we enjoyed checking out the Market House.

At first we thought it was odd that the crosswalks over to the Market House in the middle of the Market Square roundabout did not match up with the ramp, but then we noticed it seems the whole lane right around the Market House has a yellow line so it actually is set up for walking in it from the crosswalk to where the ramp is.

It was a little cold for Mik, but he still enjoyed reading the plaques about the history of the Market House and how it stands on the site of where North Carolina adopted the Constitution. Despite how the photo below looks, he even was happy to do another Christmas Tree photo for the collage I'm working on of him and various Christmas trees this year.

Destination Info:
Market House
Market Square
Fayetteville, NC

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