Thursday, January 26, 2023

Glo Best Western Savannah-Gateway I-95

Date of Visit: January 6-7, 2023 

Georgia tends to be where we stay on the way down to Florida. We've done it probably half a dozen times and always end up at a different Best Western mostly in the Savannah area. This year we actually were going to stay in Richmond Hill again, but looking same night it did not have enough rooms available for us to book. The Glo Best Western Savannah-Gateway I-95 did and even had an accessible room, which ended up being good, especially when we then ended up with a much worse accessible DVC room when we got to Florida.

We really liked that the room had no carpeting. The space was also good for the wheelchair to maneuver throughout, although the bed was rather high.

There were barn doors for the bathroom with one on each side of the TV and dresser. The microwave was under the TV, although it was kind of odd that then the fridge was over under the desk, but it did make it an easier height if Mik had wanted to use and also left the desk mostly clear for using.

The bathroom was spacious with two sinks (one had towel shelf under, but other was open area under).

The toilet area layout was good and the grab bars worked well for Mik.

The shower was a little awkward with there being a rubber edging. I assume it was to help prevent water from ending up in the bathroom and it would not be hard to roll over, but it actually did not prevent flooding as the shower curtain being curved out seemed to be more of an issue and when I took a shower the bath mat outside of shower ended up soaked.

The chair with a little table was a nice feature. There was even an outlet and USB for power on the side of it.

The bench on the side of the bed near the window was also a great spot for putting luggage out of the way or even for extra seating.

Overall we all enjoyed this Best Western. The breakfast was a little disappointing in that there were no bananas and it was odd that the yogurt came out of a machine, but they did have a waffle maker.

Destination Info:

17005 Abercorn St
Savannah, GA 31419

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